A unique digital platform designed for citizens delivering:

  •  Proven cost savings
  •  Increased customer satisfaction levels
  •  A seamless multi-channel experience

Case Study: LB Barking and Dagenham (LBBD) reaping the benefits from investing in the Agilisys Digital Platform

Like all Local Authorities LBBD is under pressure to do more with less budget. By allowing the council’s customers to access a key range of local authority services digitally, significant and quantifiable financial benefits are now being realised as well as clear measurable improvements in performance and customer satisfaction.

By introducing our innovative new digital platform called ‘MyAccount’ from Agilisys, LBBD customers are now able to access several key local authority services – Council Tax, Benefits and Housing Rents online, with more to following shortly including reporting, bulky waste collections, further housing transactions and parking services.

Using a single sign-on process customers very quickly gain access to a wide range of transactions. One of the many benefits to this new and innovative approach is ensuring the council continues to deliver on the national digital inclusion strategy by increasing the uptake of online services.

Other outcomes that have been achieved include:

  • All new claims for benefits now submitted online with mediated support provided to ensure the more vulnerable are supported
  • 70% of benefit claims are now awarded on the same day the application is made
  • Customer satisfaction has as a result moved from 25% to 96%
  • We have achieved these measurable improvements whilst significantly reducing headcount

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Sheyne Lucock of LBBD talking about Agilisys Digital